mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Podere Rosignano: Loving trekking

On a sunny and pretty cold day......a bunch of walkers made it superbly. Starting from the small village of Gerfalco (20 minutes by car from the Podere) up to a breathtaking spot, where one could almost see nearly the whole  Tuscany. No one was there only these  remarkable sculptures that seemed to float in the sky,  birds, sun, fresh air, wind, our laughters  and this astounding landscape. The sea :Follonica, further down in the mist, the presence of the islands: Elba, Capraia, Gorgona. So absolutely perfect this region is! What can one ask for more?
Hit by the silence and the feeling of being in another time, we kept looking around and every single spot deserved a glance a subtle comment. Then in a ring kind of route,  passing through amazing wild nature where only the few went by over the centuries, an ancient and magnificent chestnut tree,   and pure springs,

we came to the Castle of Fosini, and slowly slowly returned to Gerfalco. Happiness was in the air, lucky us we made it: walked for nearly 17 kilometres, surrounded by sheer beauty.

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